Our Food Safety Commitment

Richter & Company, Inc. is committed to supplying only safe quality fruits and vegetables. From our fields and orchards to the box, our products are grown, packed and shipped to exacting standards. Our farms control every aspect of our operation to assure only the freshest, safest, and best quality produce are used in our packing process. We are proud that all of our farms use Good Agriculture Practices (GAP), Good Handeling Practices (GHP), and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to insure our products are grown, harvested and packed in the safest possible conditions.

In each of our packing facilities, we have extensive cleaning and sanitation programs to ensure food safety. We closely monitor every area of the packing shed that comes in contact with our fresh fruits and vegetables. The facilities and equipment are thoroughly cleaned after each operation to ensure there is no contamination of any kind.

We have intensive training programs at each farm to ensure each employee is trained in the proceedure of how to properly clean and care for each part of the machines and the facility. The actions of our employees are regulated to ensure against cross-contamination of any kind, just as any food company does.

In addition, we utilize state-of-the-art technology and software to ensure a first-class recall protocol. We can trace our product back from the neighborhood grocery store to the field in which it was picked.