Mexico Now Open For Georgia, South Carolina Peaches

For the first time since 1994, Georgia and South Carolina peaches are available in Mexico. The deal sets strict guidelines about how the fruit must be grown after Mexico banned peaches from the two states over mounting concerns about invasive pests. Until recently, only peaches from California were allowed over the border.

The clearance followed several years of negotiations. Only a few growers in Georgia and South actually ship to Mexico, mainly because the requirements are difficult to meet. They include setting and trapping pests, frequent field inspections and assuring that peaches bound for Mexican retailers are separated to keep fruit-eating insects from finding a new home south of the border.

The restart of exports likely means better prices for farmers, particularly at the height of peach season when the largest quantities are being picked and sold, said Desmond Layne, a peach specialist at Clemson University told Fox News Latino. “It gives farmers more places to sell their product for profit,” said Layne, known affectionately in agricultural circles as “Dr. Peach.”

”That’s a great thing for our growers. There are a lot of people in Mexico, and a lot of people who eat peaches.” Get the full story