Our Richter Family Story

Richter & Company, Inc. origins date from 1926, when the company evolved from the energy and vision of its founder, Moses Richter, an immigrant from the Ukraine.

Moses came to America alone at the age of 13 in 1913, walking by himself from the Ukraine to Greece to catch a ship bound to the United States. He settled in the small town of Mt. Gilead in the Uhwarrie Mountains of North Carolina, which was near the Sandhills peach growing region of the Carolinas.

Upon reaching manhood, Moses opened a general merchandise store in Mt. Gilead. Business was often slow in the summer, so Moses would load up his merchandise and go out to peddle to the farm families of the region. As the relationships with the farmers grew, they would discuss how they were not getting a fair price on the peaches they were loading on trains and sending to the Northern markets. Moses volunteered to go North to look after their interests, if they wished. Many of them agreed, so he boarded a train to New York City with determination, but no money. He slept on park benches and worked the Washington Street market.

One merchant, the firm of Leef Brandt, took a liking to Moses and gave him a desk where he could work, and a cot in the back where he could sleep. Moses and his family never forgot this kindness, and continued to do business with Leef Brandt for over 70 years until they were bought by another company. Through Moses’ hard work, enthusiasm and keen marketing ability, the company grew to represent peach growers all over the South and East and sold to a variety of customers throughout the United States and Canada. Moses earned the title of “Peach King” for his dedication and style of marketing Southern peaches.

Moses’ son, Bernard, joined his father in business after serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II. Bernard, with a very bright business mind, took over leadership of the company from the 1960s to the ’80s, and transitioned the company from the traditional method of distribution through wholesale markets into direct marketing to grocery chain stores. He laid the foundation for many of the long-term grocery chain store relationships the company and industry enjoys today.

In the 1970s, Bernard was joined in the business by his sons, Benjie and Lloyd Richter. Benjie and Lloyd assumed leadership of the company in the 1980s, and have expanded the reach, volume and expertise of Richter & Company. In recent years, Richter & Company has evolved and realigned the farms that they are partnered with to excel in today’s market place.

Today, Richter & Company is proud to offer only the finest labels in the South, featuring the safest, freshest produce. Our business is built on industry-leading customer service. Our vision for the future is based on continued growth, diversification in an ever-changing marketplace, and continued industry-leading personal customer service to our customer base.